Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

I help B2B companies and digital marketing agencies to prospect better and get more meetings.
I operate out of Kerala, India but doesn't let that get in the way of working with interesting people across the globe.

Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

What I Love Doing

Just a couple of things

Prospecting as a service

150 Verified Leads

I don't do mass scraping but curated lists filled with insights. No long-term contracts. Order more contacts as you see fit.

Quick Reference Guides

Products around identifying B2B Buying Intent Signals for generating more leads.

Learn how to prospect with the help of sales triggers

"the database is an impressive collection of clever intent tracking techniques for a wide range of scenarios, "used properly it is a powerful asset to business development efforts”: Hasan Ahmad, Consultant (hasanahmad.ca)

On my cold emails