Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

I help B2B companies and digital marketing agencies to prospect better and get more meetings.
I operate out of Kerala, India but doesn't let that get in the way of working with interesting people across the globe.

Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

What I Love Doing

Prospecting as a service

I setup, create and send emails on your behalf and book appointments for your B2B service/product.

A video vault of sales triggers

Products around identifying B2B Buying Intent Signals for generating more leads.

Automation package for agencies and consultants

A google sheet social listening dashboard + Onboarding flow + Creating contracts and proposals

Learn how to prospect with the help of sales triggers

"the database is an impressive collection of clever intent tracking techniques for a wide range of scenarios, "used properly it is a powerful asset to business development efforts”: Hasan Ahmad, Consultant (hasanahmad.ca)

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