Discover more sales opportunities online. With the help of how-to visual guides.

Prospectingpal is a library of concise prospecting guides for founders and non-salespeople wanting to get meetings fast.

Why Prospectingpal

Here are some major sales prospecting challenges: finding where your ideal customers are, getting their contact information, and reaching out.

Obviously you can figure out tools and tricks on your own like you’ve done it before.

What if you had a library of visual reference guides that help you quickly understand and execute sales opportunities?

With Prospectingpal, you can! Prospectingpal's visual guides help you get in front of your prospect at the right time, reduce the effort and frustration of prospecting, and make finding the right reason to reach out to prospects fun and rewarding. It also frees you from the prospecting rules "normal" salespeople are handcuffed by. And that too with the help of tools that don't cost a bomb.

It's aimed at founders, non-sales folks, and salespeople who are relatively new to prospecting.

Why become member

  1. Up to date with tools: I cover the latest and greatest to get you up to speed quickly.
  2. Short and Focused: I don't want to waste your time. Most guides are under 5 minutes long.
  3. Affordable: I pick tools that doesn't break the bank
  4. Discover solutions across industries: When you're deep in the weeds, it's hard to think of new and creative solutions. Find inspiration from prospecting hacks across various industries.
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I don't claim to be an expert in the prospecting game, but I'm gonna give you the full rundown of what I'm learning. For all the research I do, you get to keep the cliff notes :)

What's Included?

It's more than a library!

  • 30(and growing) Guides to help you prospect faster: with access to all future updates.

  • Triggered database: How to track 40+ major buying intent signals.

  • Icebreakers database: 100+ cold outreach opening line examples that will make your prospect go wow.

  • Tool guides to compare different prospecting tools: Helps you to research which one fits your budget and scale

  • Community access: You'll be added to an internal community of smart folks soon!

Here's what customers have to say about my previous products  (which is included in the prospectingpal library as well!)

"the database is an impressive collection of clever intent tracking techniques for a wide range of scenarios, "used properly it is a powerful asset to business development efforts": Hasan Ahmad, Consultant (

Forget annoying monthly subscriptions. One price for yearly access.

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  1. Tutorial Library
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