Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

I help B2B companies get more meetings with potential customers faster using cold emails. So you could spend your time converting them to customers rather than hunting for "leads."

Wait, am I someone who run an automated system that sends out hundreds of emails?

No! My approach involves creating cold email campaigns that engages your prospects at a personal level without ever annoying them.

Hey, I’m Akhil and welcome to ProspectingPal

How this works?

Email Copy

High-quality email copy leads to higher open rates, click through rates and conversions. We craft the copy with the help of our team of native English editors and share it with you for approval.

Cold Email Outreach

Our team will create a mailing list of contacts within your target audience and strategically reach out to them.


Once we’ve launched your cold email campaign, we’ll monitor it’s progress and report the results to you weekly.

Learn how to prospect with the help of sales triggers

"the database is an impressive collection of clever intent tracking techniques for a wide range of scenarios, "used properly it is a powerful asset to business development efforts”: Hasan Ahmad, Consultant (hasanahmad.ca)

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